lil wayne*A few weeks ago, Hot 97 and Young Money got into a war over rapper Nicki Minaj pulling out of a Summerjam concert.

One of the Hot 97 personalities said something about Minaj’s record and it made the rapper pull out of the concert.

A few weeks later, Wayne is now talking about the incident and saying he pulled Nicki out because he wants women to be respected and he felt she was being disrespected.

Here’s an excerpt from an article on Essence where the writer says: “Really Wayne? Respect women? You?”

Earlier this month, you might have heard that rapper Nicki Minaj pulled out of a concert — a massive, annual summer music showcase that is kind of a big deal. The short version of the events: a deejay for the stations hosting the festival clowned Nicki’s single “Starships” as not being real hip-hop. Nicki took offense, and Lil’ Wayne, the head of her record label, pulled all Cash Money artists from the concert lineup. People were ticked, especially the management and deejays at the radio station, and Wayne left Nicki to handle the fall out alone by not publicly commenting on this fiasco — until Monday in an interview with MTV News.

His explanation for his decision blew my mind — and you know that’s hard to do.

“I don’t know what anyone else believes, but I believe females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter, when or where or how,” Wayne said in the interview. “I feel like a woman’s supposed to be respected at all times, therefore I believe I made the right decision.”

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