Mary J. Blige as Justice Charlier in "Rock of Ages"

*The film adaptation of Broadway’s 80s-themed musical “Rock of Ages” will arrive in theaters this month with some of the decades biggest hair band hits performed by an all-star cast that includes Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta-Jones and a strip club owner played by Mary J. Blige.


In order for the 90s Queen of Hip Hop Soul to be believable as Justice Charlier, the owner of the Venus Club – and known to break out in rock songs from the 80s [see clip below] – Mary J. said she had to do some heavy research.

“I had to find out – how old is this woman? Who is she? Why is she in the strip club? Does she trust men anymore? Does she hate men? Is she gay? What is she?” said Mary J. during interviews for the film in Los Angeles on Sunday. “I definitely had to go look at some different women and talk to different women and even do some method acting, like going to strip clubs myself, just to feel that out.”

Mary J. Blige as Justice Charlier in "Rock of Ages'

Below, Blige says that during her research at the shake joint, she actually got got bum-rushed by the strippers when they found out she was in the building.

“Rock of Ages” opens nationwide on June 15.

Mary J. gets to tackle 80s rock in the film, including a classic from Pat Benetar and Journey’s “Any Way You Want It,” seen in the clip below.