rudy eugene & ronald poppo

Rudy Eugene - Ronald Poppo

*Although it could be argued that they don’t shed any new light on the how and why of what happened, but audio tapes of eye witnesses to the “Miami Zombie/Cannibal” incident, in which Rudy Eugene ate off the face of Ronald Poppo, have been released.

But at the very least, they make for interesting listening especially one man whose call came off as rather laid back and nonchalant.

The woman’s voice is agitated and urgent. She believes she’s just seen someone about to die.

“It’s a naked man beating another man, beating him, on the MacArthur Causeway, like toward the Miami Herald. … He’s gonna kill that man, I promise you, okay?”

The woman is a Miami-Dade bus driver, one of three people who called police on May 26.

What two of them saw was Rudy Eugene, 31, savaging Ronald Poppo, 65. By the time police arrived, Eugene had chewed off Poppo’s face.

The Miami Police Department released the 911 tapes of the three calls on Friday, but it’s unclear in what order or at what time they were received.

In addition to the bus driver, another man called to report what they thought was a fight.

In the third call, a man sounds nonchalant.

“Hi, how ya doing? I’m just reporting a naked man in front of the Miami Herald building on the highway.”

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Watch this AP video report with audio from 911 calls: