muhammad ali - louis-vuitton*Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali got a new gig as a “spokes-model” for Louis Vuitton’s latest ad campaign.

He is among several iconic individuals including soccer star, Pelé, Mikhail Gorbachev and Angelina Jolie. The stars will be spread across magazine pages in 60 countries beginning June 14.

Ali is photo’d  looking relaxed and surprisingly fit, keeping a watchful eye over a young boy with gloved fists. And a high priced Louis Vuitton “Keepall 50” bag lies by his foot.

Incase you’re wondering, the three-year-old little guy in the photo is the son of Ali’s daughter Laila and her husband, Curtis Conway, an ex- NFL player, now football commentator for Fox TV in LA.

The former president of the Soviet Union, Gorbachev, was the campaign’s first subject in 2007. He was shown seated in the back seat of a limo passing a remnant of the Berlin Wall, with a Vuitton Keepall 50 bag on the seat beside him.