*Acting, producing and other entrepreneurial ventures have taken 50 Cent’s career to a whole new level.

But he hasn’t forgotten about where he started. The rapper is releasing “5 (Murder By Numbers)” for free before his coming album, “Street King Immortal.”

But this is only a teaser, though. He’s not anticipating the LP to come out any time soon, as was previously planned for July 3.

He announced Tuesday morning that his fifth official project will be out in November.

In the meantime, he revealed Interscope hasn’t been very supportive of his work lately and this will be the last of his deal with the label.

“I said I was gonna put a record out that was completely up to album standard, and I’m gonna do that. I worked on this album for a long time,” he said in a June interview with Philadelphia’s Hot 107.9 radio station. “It’s been three years.”