Keke Palmer & Drake*Drake is getting back to the basics of his career’s foundation. The actor turned rapper stars in kid flick “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” his first role in an animated film.

On July 13, fans and kids will get a chance to see a different side to the Canadian native as a mammoth named Ethan.

“He’s a young, strapping, handsome jock,” Drake reveals. “He’s really good at turtle football. He’s very popular. He catches the eye of Peaches.”

Peaches, a spunky mammoth, is actually voiced by Keke Palmer. According to the actress, she’s coming into her teenage-hood and is interested in exploring the wonders of boys and making a statement.

“I get to be this over-the-top mammoth in ‘Ice Age,’ and a lot of capturing these characters is going as far as you can,” he shares. “Because you have to realize that [the viewers are] not going to see your face. They’re not going to see you look awkward and screaming. And if you have to do things that are a little over-the-top, all they’re going to do is hear it.

“So that’s something to really digest when you first step in this studio,” Drake continues. “‘OK, I have to go above and beyond what I think is normal. And what I think is good, and I’ve gotta give it a little extra.’