*When I first heard about the disastrous incident involving Trayvon Martin, I thought it was a sad and unfortunate loss for the Martin family. What’s worse is that we live in a world where prejudice exists, which was not in God’s plans.

When my father, Apostle Frederick K.C. Price, began the series on Race, Religion and Racism” in 1997, it was a lesson primarily spawned from an issue that prevailed within the church; which of course is a place that it should not live.

To add fuel to the fire already burning in him, my father was made aware of a very prominent speaker who made a prejudiced statement from the pulpit. At that time, he felt compelled to tackle the difference between racism, prejudice and religion.

Although this series was based on prejudice in the church, there is a small link between the Trayvon Martin case and “Race, Religion and Racism” in terms of racism and color ethnic prejudice.

“Race, Religion and Racism” dealt with racism in general, as well as some of the misnomers we have regarding the definition of racism and prejudice, which most people use as synonyms.

For example, what people usually tend to describe as racism is actually color-ethnic prejudice. When we base how we feel about someone on their appearance, the color of their skin or their cultural background, we’re dealing with prejudice.

Racism is a bigger monster. The term racism is somewhat oxymoronic because there is only one race and that’s the human race. It’s a bit odd, but really the term should be prejudice. For instance, humans are a race; a race is a species, which is a type of creature. So whether you’re black, red, yellow, white or brown, you’re part of the human race.

Race is the type of species one is. It may sound silly, but aliens would have to attack earth in order for us to actually experience racism. By definition that would be another race attacking to most likely place the human race in bondage and take over because we’re not of their race.

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