joseline hernandez*Puerto Rican reality star Joseline Hernandez is becoming the pity of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

But don’t be so quick to pass judgment. The girl comes from a troubled past and has some issues.

A former stripper with low self esteem, Joseline helped us all understand who she is a little better in an interview with Global Grind.

Let’s start off with her obsession with Stevie J. She met the dude in a strip club (of course). But not like that. She said she met him through a friend and shared her dreams of stardom.

Soon thereafter, they were in the studio.

Although Stevie J seems like an a**hole, she admits he’s got a soft side.

“Stevie, he loves all women. He loves women. There’s nothing wrong with that,” she said, referring to him as a ladies man. “But Stevie’s a good person. To me, he’s a sweetheart. He doesn’t show me anything but being a gentleman. He can be an ass, but that’s everyone. He’s a sweetheart.”

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Ok, but what about the fact that some, er, a lot of folks think she’s a man. She says …

“It was so frustrating to me because, I promise to God, I’ve never heard that. I’m like ‘Me?’ Me? My perfect face, my perfect body?’ Yes, I got my boobs done, and I said that on TV, and I’ll say it again: I work out so much that my chest was flat. If any woman that wants to be a woman loves their body and how they look, they would have did it. I’m not the first one that got my boobs done. I love makeup. I’ve tweeted plenty of pictures of me without makeup because the television puts a lot of makeup on you, makes you hairier.”

Now the sob story.

Joseline says she got into stripping because after migrating from Puerto Rico, her family of five brothers and sister didn’t have any money. So she worked for it.

“We left Puetro Rico, came here, when I was around 10 years old. We really didn’t have any money. I’m talking about one pair of shoes for the whole school year. We were really struggling,” she said.

Her little brother is autistic so the family would always need more money for him. Mom couldn’t speak English and couldn’t get a job.

Since she was able to work at 15 or 16, she’s been helping pay the bills.

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