keke palmer*Keke Palmer is now at the age in which she feels more liberated and empowered to embrace her more grown up, sexy side. But she takes it all in stride as she becomes a woman, figuring out her own voice.

At 18-years-old she still works her corky nature but dabbles a little more makeup on her face and walks with a bit more confidence in dresses and skirts. It’s her way of expressing her mature side.

Keke’s new single, “You got Me” is her attempt to share her more mature perspective on relationships.

“Me and Sherrod Lambert wrote the song together,” she said in an interview with The Boom Box. “[The song] is pretty much saying when you’re in a relationship you try to tell your partner, ‘At the end of the day, I got you and you got me.’ It’s a love song but with my swag on it.”

She admitted that in the past, when her music was a bit more unrefined, it didn’t feel like her own.

“For a long time with my music, when I was younger, I felt like it was me but not me. People would put their ideas and I never had full control of what Iwanted to do and how I wanted to express myself. Now that I’m 18 and I had some time off and I was like “OK, now I really wanna be able to do the music that I want to do and put it out for my fans to see.”