mona scott young*Lots of people critique reality television, especially show likes “Basketball Wives,” “Housewives of Atlanta” and “Love & Hip Hop,” saying it’s junk television and a bad representation of Black women.

Well, “Love &d Hip Hop” and its spinoff, “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” creator, Mona Scott Young, says this is the kind of TV that helps young women.

“I think at its core this show is a cautionary tale. There are women across the United States of America sitting around in their spandex waiting for a rapper to roll through their town,” Mona told MTV’s Sway.
“I think if nothing else, you’re seeing that it’s not all rosy. All that glitters isn’t gold. I might have thought I wanted that life, but maybe not,” she said.

Hmm …  are you convinced yet?

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Maybe there is a positive for every negative.

Mona wants viewers and critics to look at the show through a different lens, seeing the core of the issues highlighted, which include dysfunctional relationships, deep inner struggles, and simply the day-to-day challenges of life.

She also argued that the show is not scripted, supposing that people are negating the value of these women’s lives.

“I feel a responsibility to share truthful stories. I feel a responsibility to stay true to what we set out to do which was to give a real depiction as told by these people,” she said.
“It’s almost like we feel if we sweep it under the rug then it doesn’t exist. We have the right to tell their stories. I think they’re valid stories. Judging by the numbers, there are stories that people want to see and hear about,” she reasoned.

She believes by exposing these lifestyles to the public, it could help someone in the long run.

Watch Mona Scott Young and Stevie J with Sway below:

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