wayne brady & bill maher

Wayne Brady & Bill Maher

*Depending on whom you ask, Wayne Brady should or should not have taken exception to being used as fodder for the “non-threatening Black man” joke.

Also depending on whom you ask, the oft-used joke by Bill Maher should be considered less of an insult and more a compliment, in that Wayne Brady is not emblematic of the negative depictions of African-American men.

But in the end, the only real opinion that matters in the discussion of Bill Maher V. Wayne Brady is Brady’s…which he made abundantly clear; indicating he’d “gladly slap the sh!t out of Bill.” (Scroll down to HEAR Wayne’s comments below)

As of this moment, there has been no public response from Maher, which is surprising to some degree given his consistent activity on Twitter and willingness to verbally beat down those who publicly engage him. And even if Maher does eventually respond, expect it from the safety of his television show, complete with his sympathetic and sycophantic audience. Look for it in the form of snide commentary in the “New Rules” section, assailing Brady’s supposed oversensitivity (i.e. “you can’t take a joke”).

There is a real discussion to be had as to whether it is “funny” for Maher the community outsider to consistently weigh in with opinions on who is a “real” Black man or just really non-threatening. Although the issues of race may be within the purview of comics, it doesn’t mean that we as the audience relinquish our right to find certain humor distasteful.

Maher’s track record of mean-spirited humor can’t be argued or denied. All personal political allegiances aside, we should be in agreement on that point.

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Check out Wayne’s comments to Aisha Tyler below: