*Pastor Marvin L. Winans was recently in the news when his car was jacked in Detroit, Michigan.

In a new interview with Essence, the pastor assured readers that everything is alright with him.

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Pastor Winans took a few moments with ESSENCE.com to chat about his one of his first songs, why Detroit may not be a black city anymore and saving America’s students one charter school at a time.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

ESSENCE.com: Tell us about your new album, Marvin L. Winans Presents: The Praise & Worship Experience, hitting shelves today, June 26.

PASTOR MARVIN L. WINANS: It will be an explosion in your musical taste buds. It’s not eclectic but it is diverse. It has a central theme but like a good meal, it’ll be a circus in your mouth.

ESSENCE.com: You wrote your first single “Draw Me Close” as a kid?

WINANS:“Draw Me Close” is a praise and worship song that I fell in love with. It is a little different from what the Winans have done in the past, yet it draws you in because “Thy Will Be Done” is a song I wrote as a teenager. To marry that with “Draw Me Close” gives the composition a soulful twist, like sweet tea with a mint leaf.

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