*For anyone who has ever had a hard time letting go of a relationship –Rashida Jones has a movie you can relate to.


“Celeste and Jesse Forever,” co-written by Jones and Will McCormack, tells the story of a divorcing Los Angeles couple – longtime best friends and former high school sweethearts – who try to remain close buddies while they both pursue other people.

Jones, the daughter of legendary producer Quincy Jones, stars as Celeste, opposite Andy Samberg’s Jesse.  They first come off as that annoyingly perfect couple who have quirky inside jokes and are completely at ease around each other – but we soon learn that they are actually in the process of splitting.

Over the course of the divorce, both eventually realize that their vow to have an uncomplicated divorce and continued closeness is not possible, and that moving away from their comfortable rapport is unavoidable.

“Will and I wrote it four years ago and it’s definitely a composite of relationships that I’ve had, that he’s had, and that people we know have had – so that’s all in there. We used a lot of ourselves in it, for sure.”

“Celeste and Jesse Forever” opens nationwide on Aug. 3. Scroll down to watch the trailer.

Below, Jones, whose mother is white actress Peggy Lipton, opens up about the challenges and advantages she’s had in Hollywood being a bi-racial actress.