*Robin Givens is back in action.

The actress is set to star in a new TV Land series, “Retired at 35,” 25 years after making her big on screen debut as Darlene in “Head of the Class.”

She’ll play the role of a therapist, Dr. Keller, the main characters see for couple’s counseling.

Speaking of relationships, she’s been married twice, once to champion boxer Mike Tyson. But that topic is pretty much off limits.

In an interview with BET.com, the actress revealed why she doesn’t like talking about that phase in her life, saying it’s just too personal.

She even got a little snappy about it when asked about it saying, “That’s not what I called to talk to you about, just ‘Retired at 35.’”

In fact, Givens was extremely guarded about her life and kept it all strictly business.

Also, when asked about playing the role of Wendy Williams in a up coming movie, she revealed that the film was made two summers ago.

No word yet about when it will premiere.