Wyclef Jean*It’s always kind of weird when estranged celebrity friends, boyfriends, or whomever speak to the press on sort of personal (hard to be in the lime light) matters of other celebrities.

Wyclef Jean spoke to Montreality.com about ex-bandmate (and alleged lover) Lauryn Hill’s tax troubles.

The singer is facing three years in jail for failing to pay taxes.

“I heard about the little drama she got in-in the news, wishing her better on that. You know? Actually, I was on the phone with Pras earlier. It’s all good. Nothing but love for the Fugees,” he said.

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Supposedly the singers haven’t spoken in years. A little awkward right?

Lauryn refused to pay taxes on her $1.8 million between 2005 and 2007, because she believed it was the move to make to withdraw from society and protect her family.

While she’s trying to figure things out financially, Wyclef is working on a book, “Purpose,” which will be out in September.

“My first book is called Purpose. Because that’s the first thing I did, right? I had to find my purpose. That’s what a lot of us go through.”