google logo*If you thought that African-American consumers are more emotionally attached to brands than whites, you would be right

A new study  from NewMediaMetrics (NMM) confims your thoughts, so to speak, especially when it comes to media companies.

On average, according to the New York-based marketing firm’s report, blacks are 7 percentage points more attached to broadcast and cable channels while showing 5 percentage points more affinity toward digital properties.

NMM conducted an online survey of more than 2,500 black and white adults in April and May, asking them questions designed to demonstrate emotional attachment to brands. The research involved 368 brands, 66 television properties, 150 websites, 94 magazines

The study revealed the top five brands among blacks in this order:

Lexus (64 percent)

Google Search (62 percent)

Mercedes-Benz (61 percent)

Google (60 percent)

iPod (59 percent);

and iPhone (59 percent).

Other brands that are more popular with African Americans than whites include General Motors, Slim Fast, Tide, Fidelity, Ragu, Walmart, Levi’s, Campbell’s and Lowe’s.

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