Son to DJ Jazzy Jeff, ‘AMIRacle’ debuts ‘Think Back’

 “Success comes in different ways to me. I don’t look at it as…fame and fortune and that kind of stuff. I look at it like, if I’m doing what I really want to do, and happy while I’m doing it, I’m successful. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.” –AMIRacle, Hip-Hop Artist

*As our elders used to say, “He’s been here before.” This is the explanation they gave when kids displayed insight and wisdom beyond their years. That statement will never ring truer after meeting Amir Mitchell-Townes – AMIRacle, the newest hip-hop sensation taking the music world by storm. He has gone by the name AMIRacle since the age of two. Why? His parents obviously had their reasons. At the mere age of 12, little bro’ has already scaled some serious mountains, trust me, but it is probably only now that he begins to fully appreciate the true profundity of his moniker.

Within hours on the web, the impressive video debut of his song ‘Think Back’ garnered more than a thousand hits on YouTube; and as of this writing, viewership has reached over thirty-three-hundred and celebrities are blowing up his iPhone. Now you may wonder: How does this happen? How did they get his phone number? Well, these are universal mysteries we may never know the answer to, but suffice it to say, they do and they are. And it has been ON ever since. Now, we can hint at the caliber of these celebrities, but we don’t want to drop any names…ahem, Ludacris is one.

Oops! We’ve already said too much!

Of course, you probably are scratching your head as you ponder what a 12-year-old kid is thinking back TO? But face it, this is no ordinary youngster. First off, he gives major props to his hip-hop idol, Lauryn Hill; he adores his dad, who is none other than Jeff Townes, one-half of the Grammy-winning duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. You remember him, creator of tracks like ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand,’ ‘He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper,’ and ‘Summertime,’ – one of the greatest songs (and videos) ever. So this gives you some clue as to how this kid’s musical roots developed. Is there any surprise that he would grow up to make respectable hip-hop music? Something a parent can be proud to listen to?

“I wanted to show the world that homage had to be paid,” says AMIRacle, when asked why he chose to take it old school and mention the particular artists he named in the video. When asked where he wants to take his music from here he says, without hesitation,

“My future in music is to have music that changes a generation; [I want to make] one of the only types of music that can be played in a church and a club.”


When you first hear the song ‘Think Back,’ there is a familiarity to it; its as if you have heard it before. Let us put your mind at ease…

Ya haven’t! It’s an original.

The easy-going, smooth feel you recognize is none other than the brilliant production of one DJ Jazzy Jeff – magnified by the ‘on-point’ rhymes of his offspring, AMIRacle, who took the composition book he is seen writing in, in the video, walked to his bedroom and closed the door; only to reappear a few hours later with a finished product. The entire project was done in two days! AMIRacle says his parents always knew he had something special; and his dad has always wanted the two of them to collaborate,

“My dad has always said, ‘We have to get into the studio. We have to do something. But when he made this [track], I really listened. I was feeling it.” Here, AMIRacle tells us exactly how everything went down,

“I was in the studio and I was hearing it and I was really into it and just thinking…‘what should it be about; what should the hook be; should the verses be really serious or should they explain something, and then I realized, ‘Think Back’ was perfect! I knew this was a point in my life that I wanted to show the world.”

In the video, if you look close and quick, that’s Jeff playing around with his son. An older brother to AMIRacle is also in the mix. Word has it that when the two artists realized they ‘had something’ they quickly called in Cristopher Schafer, who directed the video—which was created ‘on a dime’ budget-wise—and the rest is history.

AMIRacle pays tribute to the musical groove of old school favorites like: Gang Starr, Lauryn Hill, A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Jay-Z, and of course, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. Ironically, homage is even paid to the late Sherman Hemsley character, “George Jefferson,” in an ingenious lyric. The song may have debuted slightly before news of Hemsley’s death spread. Weird.

In any event, the boy is bad.

“One thing that I’ve learned from my family and everyone around me is that humbleness is the key to anything that you will need in life,” AMIRacle tells EURweb journalist, DeBorah B. Pryor, who spoke with him from the studio-slash-bedroom of the North Hollywood condo he shares with his mother, Kim Mitchell.

“Amir and his dad began telling me a few days before coming back to California that I had a big surprise,” says Mitchell, who had seen her son off to Delaware four weeks earlier to visit his dad for summer break. “Jeff explained…it [the surprise] was major,” she continues. “When I saw them a few days later no one mentioned my surprise so I left it alone…So now it’s been four days…and Jeff calls to say go to the computer…By this time I knew it was music-related. He gave me the ID and password to enter and…When I hit play and saw “Amiracle” written across the screen…then my baby boppin’ his head, the tears formed in my eyes.”

Mitchell says she got so emotional because there were many elements at play: Amir’s incredible talent; father and son working together to create something so meaningful, and a beautifully shot video.

“Tears flowing down my face, hand over mouth,” she continues, “I had to push play again while screaming “woooooooo-whooooooooooo!” Jeff was on the phone cracking up.” Mitchell admits that after 20 listens, she grabbed her son, hugged him tight, and the two of them started dancing.

Want to know what all the hoopla is about? See for yourself! Check out the video of AMIRacle performing “Think Back” immediately below. Then, below that, watch as he comments on “Think Back,” his talent and more


DeBorah B. Pryor is an entertainment journalist with more than 400 published articles to her credit. As an entrepreneur, she created and teaches the original workshop “Public Speaking for the Private Person.” She is also an independent associate for LegalShield, a company that provides people with access to top law firms nationwide without worrying about the cost. Visit her at