beyonce & harry belafonte*Apparently claims by legendary singer/actor Harry Belafonte that Beyoncé and Jay-Z have “turned their back on social responsibility,” stung enough to get a response … from Beyoncé.

“It is sad. And I think one of the great abuses of this modern time is that we should have had such high-profile artists, powerful celebrities,” Belafonte told the Hollywood Reporter. “But they have turned their back on social responsibility. That goes for Jay-Z and Beyonce, for example. Give me Bruce Springsteen, and now you’re talking. I really think he is black.”

In response to Belafonte’s comments, Beyonce’s representative emailed the Wall Street Journal “an abbreviated list of the unselfish work Beyoncé has done and continues to do.”

The list included co-founding The Survivor Foundation “a multi-purpose community outreach facility in downtown Houston”; donating “100K in 2008 to the Gulf Coast Ike Relief Fund to aid Texas victims of Hurricane Ike”; performing in “MTV’s Hope For Haiti Now! Benefit in addition to making a generous monetary donation,” among many other charitable activities.

Meanwhile, as we reported, Beyoncé recently paid a visit to the United Nations in New York City to help mark World Humanitarian Day on August 19 and pay homage to the work done by humanitarian workers. While there, Bey also shot a music video for her song “I Was Here” that will be released August 19.

So far there’s been no comment from Mr. Belafonte as far as his reaction to Beyoncé’s list of “unselfish work” items.