*Actor Blair Underwood is taking matters concerning his career into his own hands.

Later for waiting on a casting director to reach out to him for a role; or some director leaning back in an easy chair with a cigar between his fingers blowing out smoke circles as he recalls “that Blair Underwood guy.”

According to Deadline.com things are about to change. The actor/director/producer has signed a major development/talent holding deal with Universal Television that enables them to develop a starring vehicle just for him. The deal is sweetened by the addition of Underwood as producer, along with Tagline Television.

But wait, there’s more! In the event the vehicle developed for the actor sucks…um, doesn’t fly…you know what we mean, if it doesn’t work out, there is a talent component which allows Universal Television to cast the actor in another project. Can you say, either way, this man WILL get paid!

 This deal broadens the relationship the actor has developed with the network over the years. Blair’s television debut way back when on “The Cosby Show,” and later, his run on the networks’ hit series, “L.A. Law,” which had him nominated for a Golden Globe award – all NBC/Universal TV; as was his portrayal of the President of the United States on the 2011 drama, “The Event.”

Underwood also directs and produces several television projects through his production company, Intrepid Inc.