*Chris Rock is one of those guys in the industry you can always depend on sharing his opinion.

In a recent interview with Details, the comedian talked about Trayvon Martin’s death and what he thinks killed Whitney Houston, among other things.

DETAILS: Is it too soon to make George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin jokes?
Chris Rock: There’s no joke there, unfortunately. It’s sad. When you get old, it’s like, “Damn it, I’ve seen this.” I’m from Bed-Stuy. I marched for Yusuf Hawkins, you know? I don’t totally agree with Bill Cosby. He said it wasn’t racial, it’s a gun issue. Well, it’s a gun-racial issue. You know what makes you approach a six-foot-three black guy in the middle of the night? A gun.

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DETAILS:  What did you think when you heard about Whitney Houston’s death?
Chris Rock: I’d known Whitney a little bit. She’s not dead because she was an addict. She’s dead because she was an addict who kept getting money. Chris Farley’s dead because he was an addict with 50 grand in his pocket.

DETAILS: Do you think Murphy will ever tour again?
Chris Rock: Barring financial ruin, I don’t think so. I think we’ll see a Richard Pryor hologram on tour before we see Eddie Murphy.

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