*A lawsuit was bound to be filed against somebody after Drake and Chris Brown went all out in New York’s WiP nightclub.

On that fateful June 14th evening, the artists and their entourages destroyed the club and caused a whole lot of injuries, over some alleged Rihanna beef. C’mon son!

Anyway, Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., the owners of the club, filed suit against the guys stating some not so true claims in the court documents.

The suit states the fight started off between the two former Rihanna lovers, but sources say neither of the gents laid a hand on each other.

Oh it gets way better.

NewsOne.com says the suit continues to allege that each of the A-listers arrived at the club with muscle-bound security personnel, employees, friends, and an entourage of at least 15 people, some of whom appeared to be “experienced in hand-to-hand and weapons combat.”

The results of the messy battle ended with Chris Brown’s disgusting looking gash that required stitches and injuries of innocent clubbers, two of which suffered permanent damage, not to mention Tony Parker suffered from shards of glass in his eye. He’s suing the club for $20 million.