Melissa Harris Perry's damaged house in New Orleans

Melissa Harris Perry’s damaged house in New Orleans

*While it’s not exactly like Katrina in sheer force and damage, for the folks in Louisiana Hurricane Issac is no punk, either.

Just ask MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry. Yesterday she tweeted that her new home had been destroyed by the storm.

Harris-Perry and her husband closed on the purchase of what one could only be described as a “fixer-upper” (the house lacked all four walls) just last month. She excitedly announced that she and her family planned to restore the New Orleans property that was destroyed and abandoned during Katrina.

On her Sunday MSNBC show, the Tulane University professor acknowledged the anniversary of Katrina by giving viewers a tour of what she called her “extreme home makeover.” Harris-Perry described the ripped-apart home as a safety concern and the “site of crime” in the neighborhood.

“To try to address that, we have purchased this house with the goal of completely renovating it, bringing it back to life, and contributing ultimately to the safety and security of this neighborhood,” she said. “For me, this house is representative of New Orleans and what we are facing since [Katrina].” She later called the property “just a physical thing” but “also a symbol of hope.”

But then on Wednesday, Harris-Perry tweeted the photograph above of the damage done by Isaac. A substantial portion of the house was destroyed. She wrote that she was “feeling sad,” but that everyone was safe. “House was vacant except for my dreams,” she wrote.

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