oj simpson*Oprah Winfrey just got rejected by O.J. Simpson.

The former queen of daytime television asked for an interview with the incarcerated former football star, but he said no way Jose because he blames her for his lock up.

Norman Pardo, the promoter and manager, who worked with Simpson till 2008, told the NY Daily News that Winfrey’s network wants Simpson “to go on her show and confess” to the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. Simpson was tried and acquitted of two counts of murder in 1995.

Pardo says Simpson doesn’t like Oprah and explained that she never let someone like him (Pardo) come on her show to talk about the scenario.

Pardo contends that Oprah has been “one-sided,” bringing only people who would talk about “how bad [Simpson] was” on the “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

He claims that Oprah wants Simpson to go on the show and confess to “something he doesn’t really believe he did.”

But Pardo says that Oprah could be his ticket to freedom, saying if she can get him out of jail, he’ll confess. But he knows that’ll never happen.

We’ll refrain from responding to Pardo’s “something he doesn’t really believe he did” and “if she can get him out of jail, he’ll confess” comments. No, we’ll just leave them alone.