*Sherri Shepherd just doesn’t know how to be still.

The 45-year-old all-around actress recently took up a new project, on top of the millions of other things she’s doing.

Shepherd will guest star on the hit TV Land sitcom, “The Soul Man.”

“I was so excited to play Boyce’s cousin – I had so much fun playing her,” she told BET.com. “To get to play a character opposite my bridesmaid and one of my best friends in the world Niecy Nash was wonderful – I am so proud of her. And I’ve known Cedric [the Entertainer] since 1991, so it was like being back with family.”

She also gave her two-cents on the Jackson family issues, saying she basically feels sorry for them.

“We’ve always known the Jacksons but we never knew what was happening with the family,” she said. “I’m just so against kids being on Twitter because they are not thinking about the ramifications of what they are saying or the emotion of how they say it. That’s why you have Paris [Jackson] apologizing for her attitude and people deleting tweets. To me that’s akin to when we were little, you did something wrong and your parents popped you upside the head. You’d say, “I’m gonna call the police!” But you didn’t.”