tika sumpter smiling*Actress Tika Sumpter is slowly climbing up the list of actresses to watch.

The rising star, who is mostly known for her roles on “Gossip Girls,” “The Game” and “One Life to Live,” is now hitting the big screen in the new movie, “Sparkle.”

Sumpter recently sat down with Black Enterprise to talk about her role in the movie, and her hidden talents as well.

Check out an excerpt:

BlackEnterprise.com: You play Deloris “Dee” Williams, the feisty, smart sister. Where did you draw influences to play that character?

Sumpter: It was a great script. I’m glad they expanded upon her role. I guess I drew from different people in my life who embody strength and intelligence: my mom, women in my family. I thought it important for the role to come across as Dee is like her mother: strong and protective. She’ll say truths that others are afraid to say. I love that about the role.

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