*Dang, K.Michelle’s story of being beaten is under scrutiny even by Tamar Braxton.

The fellow singer is calling out her reality television peer to be real about her alleged domestic violence experience with former lover MeMpHiTz.

“#Enough! @kmichelle tell all your fans the TRUTH about why u call my friends & @MonaScottYoung 4 me to get on the phone & say u r sorry!” Tamar tweeted. “i”ve NEVER said anything to or about you and just like I know YOU know! so if u r not going to be HONEST I’ll do it for you!”

Tamar isn’t the only one who doesn’t believe her.

As strange as it is, the two started in on each other shortly after the premiere of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” when Tamar and Toya posted, “let this girl have her fairytale.”

The singer probably didn’t think twice, which she should have, to respond at the suspected slight and called Tamar a “muppet.”

But the comment was never pointed at anyone in particular and Tamar didn’t even have an issue with her before the harsh, yet funny response.

“It so sad cuz i would NEVER LET ANYONE THINK OF U the way you have let ‘people’ not @kmichelle think of me,” Tamar complained.  “ITS TIME 2 DO THE ‘right thing’ #CHURCH ITS NOT A BEEF! I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW I WAS A FAN OF @KMICHELLE & WHEN MY NAME WAS BROUGHT INTO THIS I WAS HURT! #THATSALL #ITS SAD.”