tyrese (sprite)*It’s just downright touching when an entertainer proves himself to be more.

Don’t get us wrong, being an entertainer is a great contribution, but going beyond that, and being capable of inspiring others as a speaker just takes it to the next level. This is where Tyrese Gibson is.

Enlisted by Sprite Films (a product of Coca-cola) to mentor aspiring filmmakers who will compete to have their short films debut in theaters, Gibson probably feels he has come full circle in a way.

“Coca-Cola, Sprite that’s my original family, that’s the first thing that I ever did,” he informed the Huffington Post; referring to his role in the 1994 Sprite commercial that found him singing his heart out while enjoying the beverage on a neighborhood bus.

“We just been trying to figure out a way to get some more synergy and energy going with my original family, because they changed my life in such a major way. So I was just honored to do anything that they wanted me to do. And this just so happened to fall up my alley,” says Gibson, who hails from Watts, California.

Eight finalists get the opportunity to demonstrate coach-ability as they soak in the advice they get from Gibson on the ‘ins and outs’ of the filmmaking process.

“The gist of the stuff that I was telling them was, we are as dreamers, perception creators and the world is an empty canvas waiting on new thoughts to think. And however way you get them out, whether it’s through clothes, whether it’s through technology, music, filmmaking, the world is waiting for us to create those new perceptions and concepts,” he continued.

Gibson, who has a full calendar already, filming the next installment in the “Fast & Furious” franchise, writing and promoting motivational books, and recording an album with singers Tank and Ginuwine, according to Singersroom.com, also has his eyes on a new real-life role: film director.

“I just want to be put through film school. I just want a four or five month course, and I just want to get out of there, because I’m a fast learner,” he said. “I pretty much know what to do and how to do it; I just want to understand specific questions. So that whatever I’m doing, it comes from a place of knowledge,” he adds.

To watch the films and vote for your favorite short filmmaker, go to Sprite.com. The contest ends on Aug 31, and the winner will be announced on Sept 5. The winning short film will be shown in theaters in November.