wendy williams*Love her or hate her, she is who she is …  and Wendy Williams is a force to be reckoned with.

In a video courtesy of Mediabistro, the talk show maven tells how she got her first big break in radio. Fiercely focused, she landed in the Virgin Islands at WVIS radio with two very definitive insights.

“When I got to the island, there were a few things that I already knew. Number one: I am not here to make friends or fall in love. I gave myself one year to get a job on the mainland and get off the island. I had no time to make friends, because friends cost money and I had to use every dime that I made to call the states to schmooze program directors and try to get a job. So, I had no friends by design. I had no sex by design, because I couldn’t afford to slip up and get pregnant.”

In sharing about breaking into New York’s 103.5 FM she says,

“The DJs were all Hispanic and Italian; they didn’t have a Black — Blackie at your service … I hopped in my Subaru and drove up to the radio station in Astoria,Queens. I showed up at the radio station at midnight and they loved me. Ironically speaking, you know what he loved about me? He loved that my skin was black and my delivery was white.”

Check out this YouTube video to hear Ms. Williams in her own, candid words.