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Tamar & Vince arrive on Red Carpet at their New York City Premiere Party hosted by WE tv for their new spinoff show at Caufield Club

*New York City is one of the most exciting places in the world!  Hands down!  And when anyone wants mega exposure they come to this definitive East Coast Mecca.

Such was the case on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 when WE tv hosted a pulsating premiere party for their first ever spinoff series, Tamar & Vince, at the trendy Caufield Bar for its superstars Tamar Braxton and her husband and co-star Vince Herbert, owner of Streamline Records and the brains behind major acts including pop star Lady Gaga.

Power-driven music spun by DJ Fadelf could be heard as you neared the street of the venue and as you got closer, the exciting dance beats caused head-nodding repetitive movement.  Once inside the party, things were thistight but the coziness added to the allure of the place.  Slender staffers slithered through the crowd holding trays of delicious treats and once you made your way to the bar several bartenders eagerly served up delicious signature cocktails — Mega Diva and Mega Mogul libations with Captain Morgan spiced rum and Yazi Ginger Vodka.  Yummy!

Holding court in the center of this mood madness were two pink & white tables with pink & white votive lighting.  One table contained pink and white candies and the other was filled with an array of scrumptious pink and white cupcakes.  The sugar had revelers wobbling off the dance floor.

Things were really poppin’ by time Tamar & Vince arrived followed by a pack of overzealous paparazzi.  The strikingly beautiful Tamar — flashing her mega wattage smile — looked like a Barbie Doll in a blue bell dress and cut out booties.  Complimenting the ’50s inspired fit-and-flare dress was her two-tone hair in an upsweep ’do.   Vivacious Vince was right by her side in a tan suit paired with a checkered top and bowtie.  They looked cute enough to put atop a cake!

As the powerful pop pair made their way to a VIP banquette they were surrounded by ardent fans and more paparazzi capturing their every move.  Through all of the craziness I was able to get up close and personal with the power pair and asked Vince what he thought about the outpouring of love.

“My wife’s happy, so I’m happy,” he confessed to me.  “We are both very happy,” he added.  “I love my wife.”  I told Tamar how much I loved their love.  She thanked me and flashed her signature mega wattage smile before turning to plant a big heart kiss on her husband’s cheek.  Lovingly looking on were A-1 partygoers like “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams, Beyonce’s stylist Ty Hunter, Po and Dice from “La La’s Full Court Life,” and New York Knicks star Baron Davis were in da house.

tamar & vince

Tamar & Vince pose in front of the Pink & White Candy Bar that provided the ambiance at their New York City Premiere Party at Caufield Club

Viewers were first introduced to the bold and sassy youngest sister of the Braxton clan, Tamar, and her music mogul husband Herbert in the hit series “Braxton Family Values” where she stole hearts and took no prisoners.

Now she’s back to claim the spotlight and reign “diva supreme” in WE tv’s first-ever spinoff Tamar & Vince that premiered Thursday, September 20 at a special time 10pm ET/PT.  With 10 hour-long episodes, viewers will get an inside look at their one-of-kind relationship as it centers around Tamar’s obsession with achieving instant worldwide pop stardom and Vince’s attempts to help her get there, and keep his sanity in the process.

As Tamar’s “husband-ager,” Vince often walks a fine line between being a supportive husband and an authoritative manager.  Crazy in love through their highs and lows, the couple is out to prove you can mix business with pleasure.  After the premiere, new episodes of Tamar & Vince will air in its regular timeslot Thursdays at 9pm ET/PT beginning September 27.

The series delves into how this dynamic and loving couple — who wed in 2008 –handles the demands of everyday life in both business and personal matters.  And while fans will get a taste of their over-the-top lifestyle, with shopping sprees and G-IV private jets, their world isn’t all bubbly champagne and crystal chandeliers.  Between dealing with her husband’s health issues, her stagnant music career, decorating their monstrous 12,000 sq ft Calabasas mansion and Vince’s beloved pet dog Miracle (who constantly barks and pees everywhere), Tamar has her hands full!

In the premiere episode, we’re invited into the couple’s industry-elite social circle and the inner workings of the entertainment world.  It’s now or never for Tamar, who is very aware that this album could be her last chance to fulfill her quest of becoming an international pop star.

The stakes are high for the aspiring singer’s solo career to hit big and finally prove she’s much more than the former backup singer to older sister Toni Braxton.  Her biggest challenge is her working relationship with Vince, fully revealed during their highly-charged recording sessions.  Tamar is an unbridled artist who relentlessly seeks her husband’s professional guidance, while Vince is a no-nonsense music exec that refuses to bend to his wife’s every whim.

Vince ultimately holds the keys to Tamar launching her solo career and fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a major musical superstar.  However, he passionately wants to start his family with Tamar now as he feels his multi-talented wife can be both a successful performer and a mother.  However, convincing her of same is another story!

Vince is typically the “straight guy” to Tamar’s big personality – like Desi Arnaz was to Lucille Ball.  He struggles to humor her extreme moods, colorful opinions and wisecracks, while she constantly pushes his buttons by just being herself.  As their everyday challenges grow and get more complicated, Vince’s calm and collected demeanor will increasingly be put to the test.  Stay tuned!

Tamar & Vince is produced for WE tv by Magical Elves Productions (Top Chef, Project Runway, Last Comic Standing, Fashion Star, The Real L Word and more) and executive produced by Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz, and Julio Kollerbohm.  Executive producer for WE tv is Annabelle McDonald; executive in charge of production & development for WE tv is Lauren P. Gellert.  (Photo credit: Johnny Nunez/Courtesy of WE tv; Alicia Roberts)

Audrey J. Bernard is an established chronicler of Black society and Urban happenings based in the New York City area.

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Audrey J. Bernard