pitch perfect cast

‘Pitch Perfect’ cast

*If you’re anything like me, when you saw the trailer for the new Universal Pictures comedy “Pitch Perfect” you thought …’”Glee” on the big screen.’

But I was pleased to find that this film isn’t a “Glee” photo copy – it stands on its own.  However,  if you must compare it to anything, think “Bring It On,” meets “Mean Girls,” meets “The Breakfast Club” … (trust me on that last one), but with singing … really good singing!

The film boasts a colorful ensemble cast with lead roles featuring Anna Kendrick and Skylar Austin.  It follows what happens when Kendrick’s character, college freshman, ‘Beca’ is persuaded to join the all-girls a-cappella signing group, The Bellas, at her new university.  Being the out-of-the-box music fanatic that she is, she insists on infusing a new sound into their tired routines in order to compete at the big a-cappella colligate championship!   The Bellas also add a mash-up of misfits to their group to try and best their rivals, an all-boys group called The Treblemakers.

Look forward to a break-out performance from the hilarious Rebel Wilson, who plays ‘Fat Amy,’ and a fun role for newcomer, singer-songwriter Ester Dean in her first big screen, live action performance.

Dean who stars as ‘Cynthia Rose,’ (don’t let the sweet name fool you … she’s mistaken as a boy at first sight) says she didn’t even know what film she was auditioning for when she went out for the role.  Her signing talents are why the film’s director, Jason Moore, says they wanted her for the part.  He says they wanted to add some musical authenticity to the cast, which Ester has in spades, writing hits for Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and more.

ester dean

Ester Dean

EURweb got the chance to speak with Ester Dean – who’s charming as much as she is funny and extremely energetic – about her exciting journey to the big screen.

On her big break into live-action film:
After scoring the song “Let It Grow Celebrate the World” from The Lorax, Universal Pictures suggested that she audition for Pitch Perfect.  According to Ester Dean, “The lady (from Universal) said have you ever thought about doing live-action and I was like ‘I don’t even know what live action is ma’am but I’ll do it … sh*t.”

On finding out she had to dance in her role:
When we got down there (to Louisiana where the film was shot) they was like dancing and I was like ‘hey nobody told me I had to dance!  You know I ain’t got no damn rhythm!’And they were like ‘yes you do you did “Drop It Low.”’  And I was like ‘that don’t mean sh*t!”

On the choreography and a cappella singing ‘boot camp’:
We had … Usher’s choreographer  … and they got us in there and I’m like ‘who the f*ck supposed to do those dances?”’  Those people could dance… So we spent three weeks learning to dance and then learning to sing a cappella and that was very hard because it was us doing drum sounds and the base and the trumpet sounds with our mouth and nobody was used to that … you don’t be at home just singing a cappella!

Catch Ester Dean and the entire cast of the hilarious new comedy “Pitch Perfect” as it sings onto the big screen today!

Check oput the trailer for “Pitch Perfect”: