keyshia cole jet mag cover*Was Keyshia Cole’s last album a disappointment for both her fans and the singer?

It seems like she knows exactly what went wrong last time. So Keyshia is committed to delivering ‘the good news’ to her listeners and bring it back to where she started.

“I would want my fans to be happy and the last album didn’t make them happy. I would totally want to go back and rerecord that album and do something that helps them in their everyday life,” Keyshia told SingersRoom. “I would change that last album.”

Her 2010 “Calling All Hearts” didn’t get her the response she was expecting, but she says her new “Woman to Woman” is guaranteed to give fans the satisfaction they need.

“If what makes them happy is to have music that helps them get over relationships of people that are doing them no good, then I’m totally for it,” she said.

So look out for her typical a woman scorned kind of music pretty soon.

But she may need some help from writers because she’s actually really happy right now. Since marrying the love of her life, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, and becoming a mother, she put away that bitterness and is holding on to happiness.

“I’m totally happy every day with my husband and my son. When I go into that other light switch, to go into that Keyshia Cole mode, that’s for my fans,” she said. “I am trying my hardest for this album to help them get over the bull that they go through with these guys even though I’m not experiencing it at this moment. I want to be supportive and understanding and caring to my fans as well.”

Meanwhile, Keyshia Cole graces the cover of Jet magazine’s latest issue, but she’s not doing it alone. She’s pictured with her husband and their two-year-old son Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr. Cole and Gibson talk about what they love about each other.

“Keyshia’s been through a lot with her mother and her family; so her whole make up is built around being a strong woman,” Gibson says. “I’m just trying to show her that I can be there for her.”

keyshia cole jet mag (full cover)The singer/songwriter also gives Gibson credit for not being too cool to show her some affection in public.

“He has a beautiful spirit. And he’s not afraid to love publicly. I think our Black men are afraid to love publicly, and I’m not a fan of that,” she says.