*Since beginning her career as a respectable actress in “Set It Off,” Kimberly Elise has soared to the top.

Now that she’s made her mark in Hollywood, the actress, director and writer is taking her skills on the road and plans to work with African filmmakers.

“I love Africa tremendously, the people, the cultures, the depth of the whole continent – to be able to be a part of African storytelling is a gift and an honor. And there are some great directors from there contributing beautiful work – I’m a great fan of Darrell Roodt and would love to make a film with him,” she said.

In the meantime, she’s got a few projects lined up, including “Highland Park,” playing a lighter, comedic role.

The plot centers on a school faculty taking stakes in a lotto pool after learning of budget cuts and lay-offs. The release date has yet to be announced.

Elise is also working on a scripted series, “Bounce,” about the world of professional sports dancers. Directed by Sanaa Hamri, Elise plays an ex-dancer who left the industry and discovers that her daughter is also a gifted dancer.

“This leads to a Pandora’s box opening full of a lot of drama both from the past and the present,” said Elise. “I was so hooked into my character and the plot James created in this intriguing facet of the sports world combined with the fact that I have extraordinary respect and trust in Sanaa that I agreed to join in.

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