*Mimi Faust is the first to admit the horrible nature of working in reality television.

We all knew it, but someone who actually has the experience was bold enough to come out and just say it.

She explained in an interview with Street Disciplez Radio that her filming was a nightmare since she was forced to defend her relationship all the time.

“It was terrible,” Mimi stated without hesitation. “It was absolutely awful.”

Since the beginning of the show’s dramatic debut, Mimi has had to justify why she and Stevie J continue on their cycle of love and pain.

But she did clarify that they aren’t together, despite the counseling sessions.

This means she’s available to a good, faithful man.

“Men will just walk up to me in the grocery store and say, ‘I wouldn’t cheat on you, baby,'” Mimi shared, adding that she wasn’t aware how big the show was with the public until she started getting recognized on the street. She’s still adjusting to the fame. “I’m just a regular girl. I don’t think I’m this big celebrity, so when people come up to me it’s like I’m [in] ‘The Twilight Zone’ constantly.”

Speaking of surreal, the reality show star revealed that her arch enemy – sort of – Joseline was never supposed to be a part of the cast. But perhaps she was enough drama to keep the show interesting.

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