*A lost 1966 Muhammad Ali interview which featured him talking about someday fighting on Mars has been discovered as part of a new archive-searching venture.


Documentarian and journalist Michael Aisner was 17 when he got a chance to chat with the boxing icon for his Illinois high school radio station. The conversation aired once and was then locked away by the interviewer.

When Aisner heard of the new Tumblr.com/blankonblank project (a newly-launched nonprofit that brings lost interviews back to life), he dug out the radio moment he had with Ali and now the interview has been posted online.

As well as talking about his start in boxing and his work-out routine, Ali also tells Aisner he dreams of becoming the first boxer to fight a Martian on Mars.

“We estimate our time in getting there will be about 10 years. I’ll be 10 years older but I’ll still be in good shape,” he said. “I expect the fight to go about 12 seconds. I’m fighting the green giant up there.

“After knocking him out, I hope to be back on earth in about 1986.”

Click here to listen.