*It’s all about the love, R. Kelly advises to up and coming singers.

The veteran songwriter and performer suggests to rising stars and those dreaming of the lights, that the key to a successful future in the industry is to be “true and respectful to the music and the one who inspired you.”

He can say this with experience. You see, Kelly has had his share of beefs and controversy, including his internationally publicized sex affair with an underage girl.

This old skeleton in the singer’s past actually surfaced recently when fellow R&B crooner Brian McKnight threw some low blows (probably because everyone was paying attention to his ‘adult song’).

“Or maybe have sex with a 14-year-old girl an film it that’s acceptable these days,” Brian tweeted in June, sarcastically suggesting ways he might become more popular with today’s music lovers.

But Kelly decided not to respond and be the bigger man for the sake of the music.

“You don’t want R&B to get into beef. Leave that to the rappers. Let them do that. Let R&B be classy. That’s for the ladies, and having the babies and having fun,” he said.