*Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife is mixed up in some mess.

The woman could be the cause of her break up with “Live!” co-host Michael Strahan, her fiancée of three years.

According to TheYBF.com, her man discovered some inappropriate text messages in Nicole’s phone between her and someone called London Taylor.

Accusations of cheating have been thrown around, but sources say Nicole believes Michael is jumping to irrational conclusions.

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Others are saying Nicole was in need of a break anyway, while Michael returned to New York for work on Monday.

The break up could be temporary close friends say, stating that their families are too close for accusations to split them up permanently.

But it turns out that this all could be a big fat rumor.

Both Nicole and Michael tweeted messages, confused about how the news of a break was even conceived.

“Wow! That’s insane!” tweeted Nicole after she learned about the gossip.

Michael tweeted, “who split?”