*Dancehall singer Sean Kingston is looking shadier and shadier.

The latest news about Kingston is that he’s been ordered to pay a former landlord $77,856.71 for nearly destroying her Miami Beach rental then walking away from the lease.

Interestingly, Kingston never responded to the landlord’s lawsuit and was even fired by his lawyer, according to reports

The default judgment papers show the singer – whose real name is Kesean Anderson – his mother Janice Turner and his management company, Eyes Above Water, will also lose their $25,000-security deposit on the South Florida waterfront home.

The landlord, Catherine Arrizhi, stated in a lawsuit filed in May that Kingston not only walked away with $50,000 worth of rent owed, he also left the place with broken showers and dock railings, holes in walls and messed up landscaping.

Kingston says he moved out and relocated to LA because the mansion was near the spot where he nearly died in a jet-ski accident last year.

Meanwhile, according to Gossip Extra, the IRS has been trying for two years to recoup $512,708 from Kingston in unpaid taxes!

Hmm, with that in mind, good luck landlord lady in trying to get your money from this dude.