steve harvey*Ok, here’s an EUR flashback courtesy of video journalist Keith O’Derek of Upfront Productions

It’s circa 1998 and Steve Harvey – when he was the morning show host at LA’s 100.3 The Beat – pays a visit to Rowley Park in the city of Gardena, CA to encourage voter registration and discusses the difficulties he faced throughout his life.

Oh yeah, remember it’s Gardena, not “Gardenia,” when you watch the video and it’s time for Steve to pronounce it. You’ll be cracking up fo’ days. 🙂

Watch as Steve also receives a huge surprise from the City. Another moment for the comic to get funny wit it.  On the serious side, the video captures Harvey at his best, sharing love with his fans and supporters.

He goes on to share some very personal and profound words with his audience and in the process, shows why he has become a force to reckoned with, whether you love him or hate him.

By the way, Steve Harvey’s new nationally syndicated talk show premieres Tuesday, Sept. 4. Check local listings for showtimes in your area. Or go to

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