Obamacrat, Crystal Lucas-Perry

*Talk about inspiration!

Just in time for the DNC, a new video on  YouTube  with music and lyrics by Crystal Lucas-Perry is rolling out the red carpet for the re-election of Barack Obama in grand style.

It’s called “Take Us Forward (Obama 2012).”

With a diverse backdrop of men, women and children of all nationalities and lifestyles, amidst an intriguing array of locales, the video salutes the president as the people join Lucas-Perry in singing his praises,

“November 6 2012

I’m gonna treat my country well

Review the facts its plain to see

Just do the math and you’ll agree

He did a job that no one could

Made the tough decisions like he said he would

And did so much good

This re-election, let’s continue with a forward direction

I’m voting for O.B.A.M.A. “

In the video we see Lucas-Perry at a variety of locales, speaking with voters, and registering them to vote.

Obama supporters are having fun with this one; lip-syncing their favorite parts of the song, dancing, skating to the beat, holding up letters that spell out O.B.A.M.A. The video is in serious rotation, moving at warp-speed on YouTube, and through personal email forwards.

You can even purchase the single on  iTunes. We hope the president gets to see this, it would bring the biggest smile to his face. EUR salutes the talent and creativity of Crystal Lucas-Perry!  Take a look at the video below and start your own forward movement!