Touré *In his latest posting at Time magazine, cultural/political pundit Touré writes that the reelection of President Obama would do more to create racial harmony in the U.S. than the president’s first election in 2008.

He goes on the say that if Obama is reelected after a whole term which has humanized him significantly from his first term, it would prove that an African American, even the President of the United States, longer has to be “twice as good” as the average white person to get ahead.

Touré says that the racial implications of Obama’s reelection would be powerful. Remember that in 2007, the Los Angeles Times described the now 44th president as a “magical” black man.

Now, however, after four years of governance and with his approval and favorability ratings having come down to earth, Obama’s reelection would signal that voters can see past his skin color and support him despite the fact that he is a fallible human being.

“For [Americans] to embrace a nonmagical black person who cannot promise anything but hope, intelligence, sweat and experience, now that comes closer to equality. Equality is freedom from having to be twice as good to get ahead,” Touré concludes.

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