richard  &  lakeisha williams

Lakeisha Williams, pictured with Richard, appeared to be uncomfortable on the seats of the French Open in May (Photo special to Gossip Extra)

*Richard Williams, the 70-year-old tennis-coaching father of Serena and Venus Williams, has done it again. It being becoming a daddy at the age of 70!

This bit of info comes courtesy of Jose Lambiet’s  Gossip Extra.

Jose also writes that for some reason, neither the sisters nor Richard have spoken publicly about the little boy born on the first week of the US Open, in late August.

But a close confidante of Richard tells me Williams’ 33-year-old wife and rabid tennis fan, Lakeisha, couldn’t attend the tournament won by Serena because she was recovering from the birth.

Richard’s presence at the New York City competition kicked off a round of rumors that he and his wife were split.

“That’s not what happened at all,” the source said. “She had a baby the first week of the Open.”

Richard Williams was divorced in 2002 from Oracene, the woman with whom he had Serena, 31, and Venus, 32.

Their split became official three years after Oracene turned up at a West Palm Beach hospital with three broken ribs. Nursing staff suspected were the result of domestic violence. Police looked into it, but no one was charged.

Lakeisha once owned a small grocery store near Fort Lauderdale and moved into Williams’ $750,000 home in Palm Beach Gardens in 2009. They were married two years later.

Jose says Gossip Extra left messages on Richard Williams’ cell phone, but so far they haven’t been returned.