warren sapp*Warren Sapp is attempting to clean up a mess – whether or not it’s his is besides the point.

The former athlete says he was misquoted and his comments were taken out of context in a recent New York Times article.

The writer says Sapp believes Chad is “taking the rap” for the whole incident and that men don’t head-butt in fights.

So, during an interview Tuesday morning on “The Dan Patrick Show,” Sapp claims he said nothing of the sort (or he didn’t think it would get printed).

It’s questionable the interviewer would turn the Times into a tabloid, right?

Or could his made-up quotations really tell the real story.

Evelyn has been trying to move forward and heal from the incident, but her website offers a different perspective.

The reality television star’s website still has photos of the couple plastered everywhere. An oversight?

File under “interesting” and “curious”