*There’s a silly website out there offering $5 million to see Kanye West have sex.

Yeah it probably is as dumb as it sounds. Who wants to see Kanye sexing anyone? Jus’ sayin’.

Anyway, RadarOnline reported that someone is claiming to have a sex tape of the rapper getting’ it on with some chick who kinda looks like KK. This mystery tape is 20 minutes long and appears to have been shot in a hotel room. Oh and sources say the woman in the video clearly states that she’s 18-years-old, married, and that her husband doesn’t want to do it with her anymore.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

Oh but that’s not all. If we’re lucky, another sex tape of some other footage with some other chick at some other hotel could make its way around the circuit.

If it’s true or not, porn site, Sex.com, wants the video and is going to pay top dollar for it.

“Sex.com sees Mr. West as much more than a rapper. He is a cultural icon, responsible for setting trends in music and fashion. Sex.com feels that these sex-tapes are not only an exclusive look into the star’s intimate life but could also contain the same Midas touch Mr. West brings to all his projects.”