joanna jenkins*Would you believe 108-year-old South Carolina resident Joanna Jenkins is casting her vote for the first time this election.

Whoa! How you feel ’bout that Miss Joanna?

“I feel good!” exclaimed the centenarian

Jenkins can’t read or write, nor does she have a state-issued ID. But that didn’t stop her from getting to the polls.

With the help of her doctor and the Beaufort County Board of Elections, Joanna is now registered as an absentee voter.

“She’s just excited. She wants to vote this year. We were looking at the elections, and as the debate were going on, she decided — say, ‘I want to vote’ all of a sudden. She just want to vote.  She just decided that she want to vote.  She’s excited to vote,” said her cousin, Shirley Lee.

Of course everyone wants to know who is Joanna voting for?

“Obama! Obama!” said Joanna.

Watch this report for more of Joanna Jenkins’ story:

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