legends & icons1

Legends and Icons picnic organizing committee members

*On Sunday, 80 degree day, at the tippy top of the hill of panoramic Kenny Hahn Park in Los Angeles, the 3rd annual Legends and Icons picnic and shindig went down.

An enthusiastic crowd of several hundred music and radio industry veterans, movers and shakers, as well as family and friends gathered to commiserate, fellowship, eat, drink and be merry, er, do the wobble ’til they closed the park down! 🙂

Yes indeed, a good time was had by all.

Check out a few snaps (taken by Hiltron Bailey – [email protected])

legends & icons (crowd)

Some of the party-hearty crowd on hand at 3rd annual Legends & Icons picnic

legends & icons (the wobble)

Oh yeah, it was all about doing the Wobble at the 3rd annual legends & Icons picnic