*Another rapper is going to keep his fans waiting. This time it’s 50 Cent. His long awaited “Street King Immortal” album is being held off until… who knows when. It was originally set to hit public ears next month.

“It was scheduled to release November 13, but we had to move the date,” he said. “For this album, it’s already been a year late. It’s usually two years in my cycle that I go [between albums]…this cycle was actually a lot longer because it’s the final album requirement for Interscope and we went through an audit type of situation…now everybody’s ready to work, so it’s ready to come out.”

It’s not without a bit of frustration 50 made the announcement. In the past, he expressed that he’s pretty much fed up with Interscope and the record company’s delays and other issues.

Tired of the games, 50 has since released “5 (Murder By Numbers)” digitally.

In the meantime, he weighed in on Dre’s “Detox” delay.

“I don’t [know] if [Dr. Dre]’s even excited to do [Detox] now,” he explained in an interview with CBS. “He’s successful with Jimmy [Iovine] with Beats [Headphones], so I’m not sure if he’s pressed [to release it]. I know that when I did [see him] last when I was in Los Angeles, he was actually in the studio working on something else. I’m not sure if he’s going to actually release a full CD or if he wants to just release the music that he’s comfortable with – he might do an EP or something.”