amazon (dot) com package*There’s good news if you’re loking for a j-o-b for some Christmas cash. is hiring!

The online retailer said it will hire more than 50,000 seasonal employees nationwide for the holiday shopping season. And beyond.

That’s more than double the 20,000 full-time workers that Amazon usually has manning its 40 fulfillment centers around the U.S.

But with a surge of Christmas orders expected in the next few months, the hiring push is a necessary step, said Dave Clark, vice president of global customer fulfillment for Amazon.

And a bonus: Many of the seasonal employees may end up joining the permanent Amazon workforce, in which many are paid 30% more than traditional retail workers, the company said.

“Temporary associates play a critical role in meeting increased customer demand during the holiday season, and we expect thousands of temporary associates will stay on in full-time positions,” Clark said in a statement.

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