*Did you see that “2016: Obama’s America” joint?

If you didn’t catch it in theaters, where it grossed more than $33 million, it’s out on DVD, as previously reported, for your viewing pleasure.

The movie is an in-depth look into the lives of people who influenced the Democratic champion, using excerpts and evidences the president shares in his book “Dreams from My Father.” It ended up becoming the no. 2 political documentary of all time, and the no. 4 documentary of all time.

That’s sayin’ something.

“We are thrilled that the film continues to excite and intrigue Americans,” said Gerald Molen, the film’s co-producer. “The entire campaign has been fought with talking points and political advertisements.  This film is one of the few in-depth sources on Obama’s background.”

The documentary includes on camera interviews with some of those close friends, family members, and colleagues of President Obama, including his half-brother George Obama in Kenya.