*The man behind the bomb scare at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York wasn’t ever known to support violence in the name of Allah.

Instead, a former classmate at a Missouri college remarked that he was a pious man and didn’t believe in violence.

But it appears his ideas have either changed or were hidden. Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis was apprehended after making threats to bomb the bank with what he thought was a 1,000 pound car bomb.

People who knew him from past relationships are still in shock about his alleged actions.

“I can’t imagine being more shocked about somebody doing something like this,” said Jim Dow, a 54-year-old Army veteran who rode home from class with Nafis twice a week. “I didn’t just meet this kid a couple of times. We talked quite a bit, sir. And this doesn’t seem to be in character.”

But federal investigators identified the suspected attackers trail to stardom, tracing its prep work over the summer.

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