blu cantrell*Do y’all remember Blu Cantrell? The One who sang “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!)”?

She’s back and just released a new track, “S.O.S. (Tell Me Where You At)” off her coming album slated for April 2013. (Listen to the song below)

She’s been gone since 2003 and no one really knows what happened to her, but she’s back.

The singer was originally signed with Arista Records and released two albums, “So Blu” in 2001 and “Bittersweet” in 2003.

Well, at the peak of her short lived career, some nude photos shattered her image, doing the exact opposite her PR team thought they’d do – seriously, nudity is making people famous these days.

Her career didn’t stay strong in the U.S., but she picked up a major following in the U.K. and has remained a frequent face in tabloids.

Before ‘skipping town,’ the singer was actually romantically linked to rapper Jay-Z, that’s before Beyoncé.

She promises things will be different this time around, and believes people are waiting for her.

“This is so much stronger than the last two albums and every song I emotionally put myself into,” she told YouKnowlGotSoul. I want to be on my own and say, ‘This is me, just me and now it’s like Let’s go. I’m ready!'”